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Purcell Tire Promotes 3-Minute Engine Diagnostics Inspections

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Purcell Tire & Rubber Co. has added a three-minute engine diagnostics inspection service at its outlet in Mt. Vernon, Ill. The Purcell Tire and Service Center in Mt. Vernon is the third Purcell store in the U.S. to offer the service.

The company is using Hunter Engineering Co.’s Quick Check System to inspect vital vehicle components in just three minutes.

Purcell plans to use Instagram and LinkedIn social media channels to promote the inspection service. The company will also publicize the service by placing advertisements in local newspapers and sending mailers to customers within a four-mail radius of the store.

Purcell is piloting the service with Hunter. The company says the Hunter technology provide a way to increase the speed and efficiency for customers who visit for vehicle diagnosis services.

As part of the introduction of the service, the inspections are performed at no charge. The company declined to specify how long the complimentary inspections would be offered.

Purcell plans on installing four more Hunter Quick Check Systems at its outlets in 2016. The system will be installed next at its Phoenix, Ariz., store.

The computerized inspection generates a written report that includes maintenance and safety information about a customer’s car or SUV. Areas checked are:

* brake performance- braking force, timing and balance;

* tires-tread depth, wear, and tire inflation;

* wheel alignment-alignment angles are measured against vehicle manufacturer specifications;

* battery-checked against manufacturer standards to verify its capacity; and

* diagnostic check: key performance information is retrieved from the on-board diagnostic system of the vehicle being tested.

During the inspection, Purcell customers can watch the entire inspection of their vehicle on a big screen monitor from the waiting area. After the inspection, customers are given a printed six-point report that includes suggested repairs.

Purcell Tire is No. 16 on the MTD 100.

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