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TBC Brands unveils all-season performance tire

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TBC Brands unveils all-season performance tire

TBC Brands has added the Mirada Sport GT2 to its line of all-season performance tires. The new tire will be available in 43 popular H-, V- and W-rated SKUs covering 14- to 18-inch diameters in 65/60/55/50/45/40 aspect ratios.

The new tire is engineered and manufactured by Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. TBC Brands says the Mirada GTX Sport GT2 line will provide consumers with a high-quality, year-round performance product featuring precision Sumitomo technology at an affordable price.

Offered exclusively by TBC Brands, the new tire will replace the Mirada GTX Sport.

For dealers, the Mirada Sport GT2 offers a powerful opportunity to drive sales in the competitive all-season performance market with a line that can be an attractive alternative to higher priced major brand options, according to the company.

Highlights of the Mirada Sport GT2 line include:

* 60,000-mile tread wear warranty for H- and V-rated sizing and a 40,000-mile tread wear warranty for W-rated sizes;

* free replacement coverage for workmanship and material issues for the life of the usable tread; and

* two-year roadside assistance program for tire related issues.

“As an organization, our underlying foundation at TBC Brands is built on providing dealers with high-quality product lines through a process that is as effortless as possible for them; we want our products to be easy to order, easy to stock and easy to sell,” says Jon Vance, vice president of product marketing..

“Products like the Mirada Sport GT2 assist us in fulfilling our underlying mission while helping dealers drive bottom line results in the competitive performance segment allowing them to confidently offer consumers a quality product.”

TBC Brands is a subsidiary of TBC Corp. For more information, visit

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