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Mighty plans rebates for consumers

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Mighty plans rebates for consumers

Mighty Distributing System of America Inc.’s spring consumer rebate promotion runs April 1 through May 31, 2015.

The program features the following services and rebates, which can total up to $90 per customer.

* Mighty VS7 fuel system cleaning-$15;

* Mighty VS7 0il system cleaning-$15;

* Mighty VS7 cooling system cleaning -$15;

* Mighty VS7 transmission system cleaning-$15;

* Mighty Engine Guard cabin air filter replacement-$10;

* Royal Purple synthetic engine oil change-$20;

* Mighty Engine Guard synthetic engine oil change-$15

Beyond encouraging consumers to properly maintain their cars, Mighty says the promotion helps automotive service providers using Mighty products to build consumer loyalty.

The rebate checks are made payable to the original servicing retailer and mailed to the consumer. The consumer then gains the full value of the rebate(s) upon their next service and/or purchase from the same retailer.

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