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Tirelink 2.0 Provides Real-Time Inventory Visibility

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Tirelink 2.0 Provides Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Andreoli & Associates Inc.’s new Tirelink 2.0 product gives tire dealers real-time access to wholesale-distributors' tire inventories.

Tirelink 2.0, which will be available on Jan. 1, 2020, provides visibility into account balances, invoices and ordering history, and is a “super-enhancement” of Andreoli’s original Tirelink product, according to Mike Andreoli, the company’s president.

The cloud-based system is “mobile-responsive,” he says. “If you log in using a cell phone or tablet, it will auto-format to provide the best visual display of information, regardless of the device.

“A key component of Tirelink has always been that it’s a real-time integration with our wholesale billing software. The fact that both our billing systems and (the Tirelink) module both reside not just in the cloud – but in the cloud together, in one data set,” makes the system “as real-time as you can get,” notes Andreoli.

Tirelink 2.0 has been designed with the needs of smaller, regional wholesale-distributors, plus their retail customers, in mind, he says. “At the regional level, you might not have as much quantity (of tires) available” as a larger wholesaler.

“It's really critical that the dealers who are connected to you are assured that inventory availability exists. You need the system to be real-time so when that order goes in, the inventory is relieved. When the retailer makes another inquiry a few seconds later, he or she gets accurate information” about the most recent transaction.

Vice President David Andreoli says that customers who are currently using Andreoli’s point-of-sale software and want access to Tirelink 2.0 can be migrated to the upgraded product in less than 30 minutes and will enjoy a “seamless transition.”



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