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Camso Addresses Energy Efficiency and Heat Build Up in Forklift Tires

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Camso Addresses Energy Efficiency and Heat Build Up in Forklift Tires

Camso Inc. has added two more non-marking tires to its lineup. The Solideal PON 555 NM and PON 550 NM were created to offer better energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Both of the press-on tires were designed to meet the growing needs of indoor applications and rental fleets with operations of medium intensity usage. Camso says a growing number of industries have set regulations that require the use of non-marking tires. But those same industries insist that the non-marking tires remain committed to tire life and performance. “As more operations have moved indoors and require cleaner working environments, non-marking tires have become an imperative for approximately 30% of forklift applications,” says Thierry Miche, product line executive director for material handling at Camso. “When combined with a rise in rental applications and a growing trend in electric forklifts, it’s no surprise that the demand for performing non-marking solutions is increasing. As a leader in the industry, we want to offer solutions that tackle new challenges as they arise.”

Camso says the Solideal PON non-marking series offers some key benefits:

  • lower rolling resistance, which increases energy efficiency, and thus benefits fuel consumption as well as battery usage;
  • resistance to chunking and cutting, thanks to the improved natural rubber used in the tire's compound
  • less heat build-up, thanks to a unique two-stage construction process. This is important in the fight against tire failure, and to eliminate forklift downtime.

Here's a look at the specific beneifts of the two newest tires:  Solideal PON 555 NM – A smooth-surfaced tire that offers a clean working environment, low rolling resistance and improved thermal performance. It has been especially designed to provide maximum lifespan for medium intensity applications requiring non-marking press-on tires.

Solideal PON 550 NM – The treaded tire design has all the features and benefits of the PON 555 NM, with a wide profile and flat footprint for increased stability and grip. It also benefits from the company’s established tread pattern design.

For more information, visit Camso’s website.

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