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Dealer profile: Sullivan Tire

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Dealer profile: Sullivan Tire

Sullivan Tire Co. Inc. is 10th on the Modern Tire Dealer 100 list of the top independent tire dealer chains in the United States. It also placed 33rd on MTD’s “Top 100 retreaders” list.

Employees: 1,000-plus

Retail stores: 60

Days open per week: 6

Commercial outlets: 15

Number of states: 5

Retread plants: 3

Number of retreads per day: 452

Wholesale distribution centers: 4 (2 retail, 2 commercial)

Satellite distribution points: 10

“I’m surprised at times at how robust our wholesale business is with the retail presence we’ve had, but we try to command a decent enough margin at retail where the wholesalers have enough room to operate,” says Brian Gollub, manager of purchasing and distribution.

“It is a challenge being a wholesaler and a retailer in the same market, and as we grow our retail footprint, it becomes more of a challenge because we’re bigger, and we have more stores in more places where we’re trying to sell wholesale.

“We try to maintain very strong relationships and keep the wholesale business primarily separated from retail,” he adds.

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