IMI adds two new tire balancing products

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International Marketing Inc. (IMI), inventor of EQUAL, the inside-the-tire, self-adjusting, dynamic balancing concept, has launced XACTBalance 180s and XACTBalance Truck.

The products provide another alternative to standard fixed weights and deliver a smooth ride, the company says.

According to IMI President Bob Fogal Jr., the new additions to the IMI balancing family are the result of years of research and feedback from drivers, maintenance managers and shop owners.

“Since we launched EQUAL, we’ve talked to countless fleet managers and owner/operators. Almost all of them like the idea of a dynamic balance, but some prefer to see the weight on the wheel,” said Fogal.

“The bottom line is, we wanted to give them a choice. Inside the tire or outside the tire, with or without a balancer, now there’s a product for everyone.”

Though they vary in size and capability, both new products consist of free-moving steel particles housed within a flexible thermoplastic cartridge which is fixed to the wheel with an adhesive backing. The particles inside the cartridge move and adjust to changing conditions as the tire rotates, targeting the exact location of the imbalance and correcting it. The result is less vibration and a more precise, longer-lasting balance, the company says.

XACTBalance Truck is compatible with traditional tire balancing equipment. It is an adhesive wheel weight which consists of twin thermoplastic chambers of steel particles that provide the balancing power needed for larger heavy-duty truck wheels.

It uses industry-standard adhesive and can be installed using traditional tire balancing equipment. Having dynamic capabilities at the site of the imbalance allows XACTBalance Truck to adjust for changes in speed, load and direction, giving the tire more miles between balances.

XACTBalance 180s is the larger of the new offerings. It consists of two sections of long thermoplastic cartridges designed to cover the interior diameter of each wheel, creating 360 degrees of protection from vibration.

This approach provides a new option for situations that prohibit the use of EQUAL or a spin balancer. And, since the weight covers the entire wheel and can target imbalance at any point, it effectively reduces vibrations for the life of the wheel and

multiple sets of tires.

“XACTBalance 180s is made with the owner-operator in mind,” said Fogal, referencing future plans to sell the product at truck stops and service centers.

“Installation is quick and easy. All you need to do is clean the wheel and press the sections into place. It’s designed to outlast the tire and you don’t need special equipment or training to install it.”

XACTBalance Truck wheel weights are currently being released through IMI’s distribution network. XACTBalance 180s will be released later this year.

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