Continental launches General winter tire -- the Altimax Arctic

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Continental Tire North America Inc. gave a sneak peek of its General Altimax powerline at the 2006 SEMA Show. However, the Altimax family is branching out beyond the broad-line market.

The company is touting the General Altimax Arctic as the first true winter tire marketed under the General brand name. It combines unique grooves and sipes with a modern compound for high performance at low temperatures.

The tire, designed using Quad-Tech Technology, features a multi-angle sipe system; a directional tread pattern with a center stability rib; Reactive Contour Technology; and an all-weather, dual tread compound.

The multi-angle sipe system provides 270 degrees of biting sipes for traction. The directional tread pattern and center stability rib promote enhanced water evacuation and straight line stability.

The Reactive Contour Technology allows the contour of the tire to react to different road conditions for optimum road contact throughout the life of the tire. The all-weather, dual tread compound provides cold-weather flexibility and wet traction.

"The Altimax Arctic will cover over 72% of the Canadian market and 68% of the U.S. studdable winter tire market segment (based on volume)," says Tony Talbert, product and brand manager for CTNA.

The studdable Altimax Arctic line will be available in 26 Q-rated sizes ranging from 13 inches through 17 inches.

The General Altimax powerline, made up of the Altimax HP and Altimax RT, is scheduled to launch in the second quarter.

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