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TIA issues guidelines for tire storage

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The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has issued a new best management practice for proper tire storage. The practices were developed by TIA’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC).

The best management practice outlines the steps that dealers should take to store tires properly to ensure that the condition of the tire is maintained to help maximize its service life. Guidelines for outdoor storage and long-term storage on vehicles are also provided.

If tires are not stored correctly, it may result in the loss of performance as prolonged exposure to outside forces like heat, direct sunlight and ozone can affect the integrity of the materials.

“Proper tire storage is critical to maintain the physical properties essential to the performance of the tire,” says Dick Gust, TIA board member and EAC co-chair. “We encourage TIA members and everyone in the industry to follow this best management practice.”

This document, along with six additional best management practices, is available for download free of charge on TIA’s website,

Each of the best practices describes procedures that should be followed for handling, transporting, recycling and/or disposing of items such as used oil, fluids, degreasers, batteries and tires.

TIA asks anyone in the industry who has a best practices topic for the EAC to consider researching and adding to the organization’s library to contact LaKisha Pindell at

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