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Rotary Mobile Wheel Lift reduces risk

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Rotary Mobile Wheel Lift reduces risk

Rotary Lift says shop managers can reduce the risk of employee injury while simultaneously increasing productivity with the new Rotary Lift MW-200 Mobile Wheel Lift. The air-operated MW-200 provides 200 lbs. of capacity at 100 psi, enough to lift a broad range of wheels and tires.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, back injuries account for one in five workplace injuries or illnesses, notes Rotary. By offering technicians a mobile wheel lift, shop owners limit their liability for worker’s compensation claims and reduce downtime due to injury.

The Rotary Lift MW-200’s air-operated design requires no batteries. It has a rise time of six seconds, fast enough to satisfy even a time-pressed quick-service technician. The wheel lift rolls on four high-quality casters for easy maneuverability and features single-lever controls for quick operation.

Once properly positioned within the lift, a tire or wheel can be rotated 360 degrees on three large rollers. The rollers allow the technician to align the wheel and hub without straining to hold a heavy load. The MW-200’s entire column is offset on its rolling base to provide unobstructed access to the lug nuts.

The MW-200 weighs just 135 lbs. and stands slightly more than five feet tall. To learn more about it, visit

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