Noise reduction on Federal's new Formoza AZ01

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Noise reduction on Federal's new Formoza AZ01

The Formoza AZ01 from Federal Corp. is an asymmetric passenger car tire that features strong performance combined with low noise and good wet grip.

The AZ01 is the result of extensive research and testing of new tire engineering solutions, compounds and pattern designs, notes Federal.

Curved groove walls on the inside are designed to aid shoulder water-directing grooves in water evacuation. The central part of the tread pattern was designed to increase resistance to hydroplaning.

A new noise-reduction design features five differently formed blocks placed in optimized disorder fashion for the lowest noise levels.

The tire’s new wide outer profile design spreads the vehicle’s weight pressure evenly across the contact patch while turning. It also expands the contact patch surface, which improves handling, the company says.

It comes in 33 W-, V- and H-rated sizes ranging from 65-series to 40-series. It is available in rim sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches.

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