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Pirelli’s quieter tires are OE on Audi RS6, RS7

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Pirelli’s quieter tires are OE on Audi RS6, RS7

Pirelli & Cie SpA has developed new tires for the Audi Group that are designed to reduce noise for occupants of the car.

For the first time, the Milan-based firm is supplying the “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” as original equipment: a system that reduces the noise that each tire makes as it runs along the road.

This noise, caused by the vibration produced by air that is compressed when the tire is squashed again the road, is transmitted from the tire to the wheel hub before eventually reaching the inside of cabin, via the steering and suspension.

Pirelli’s system makes use of a polyurethane sponge on the inside of the tire that is designed to absorb these vibrations and so reduce the amount of noise passed through to the cabin.

The “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” reduces noise by between two to three decibels, or on average by half, with a consequent improvement in driving comfort.

Pirelli’s development tests have confirmed that the use of this noise-reducing sponge does not have any other effects on the characteristics of the tire.

With the introduction of this technology for original equipment, Pirelli says it is answering a growing demand in the automotive world for reduced noise levels both on the inside and outside of the car, and addressing the latest European regulations to reduce noise pollution, as manufacturers require.

At the moment the “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” is available as original equipment on the Audi RS6 and RS7, running on 285/30ZR21 and 275/30ZR21 sized tires respectively. The tires using this system have the letters ‘PNCS’ written on the sidewalls to denote its use.

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