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What are the new ABCs of tire sales?

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Modern Tire Dealer columnist Wayne Williams says the proven Always-Be-Closing (ABC) tire sales techniques he trained on have given way to the new ABCs of Alignment-Balance-Closure.

Williams learned these techniques:

* The five steps to a tire sale;

* Don’t be afraid to ask for the order;

* Feel-felt-and-found, along with the old mantra of

* Always-Be-Closing, or ABCs for short.

Today the marketing buzzwords are transparency, pathway to purchase, consulter selling, and more. The old techniques are no longer effective. Selling now requires a more customer-centric approach starting with aligning expectations.

But aligning the consumer's expectations with yours is not the big challenge in selling tires. Williams says that’s just half the battle.

What’s the other half? To find out, see our exclusive article Counter intelligence: You better get better, and then better again


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