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Kramer and Vaczi move up in the Apollo world

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Kramer and Vaczi move up in the Apollo world

Michiel Kramer is the new manager of marketing communications and product management at Apollo Vredestein B.V. He replaces Bandi Vaczi, who was promoted to head of global marketing communications for Apollo Tyres Ltd..

In his new position, Kramer, 34, leads the teams responsible for the Apollo and Vredestein brands in Europe and North America.

He joined the former Vredestein Banden B.V. more than eight years ago as market development manager in the United States for Vredestein Tyres North America Inc. He was named Eastern European export manager in the parent company's export division in September 2009.

Most recently, Kramer was product manager for premium styling for the Vredestein brand.

As head of global marketing communications at Apollo Tyres, Vaczi, 36, is responsible for marketing communications for all brands in the portfolio of Apollo Tyres: Apollo, Vredestein and Dunlop (the latter in 32 African countries).

For six years, he was in charge of the marketing communications department, where he was responsible for the marketing and communications at the corporate and product levels for all products and the Vredestein, Maloya and Apollo brands.

Indian tire manufacturer Apollo Tyres completed the acquisition of Vredestein Banden B.V. from bankrupt Russian tiremaker Amtel-Vredestein N.V. in May 2009. For more on Apollo Vredestein, check out these links:

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