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1st tire rolls out of Kenda’s new China plant

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1st tire rolls out of Kenda’s new China plant

Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd. announced that it has produced the company’s first prototype tire from its new factory in Tainjin, China. Tires produced in the Tainjin factory will supply the Europe, Africa and Asia markets.

“After years of hard work and planning, we are so excited to see our third automotive factory completed and running,” says Kenda Tire President Jimmy Yang.

“We are excited to bring the quality of Taiwanese technology to other countries in order to produce high-quality, world-class tires.”

Production will be available to customers from Kenda’s new factory in the third quarter of 2013. Once fully operational, the factory will produce another 20,000 tires daily. The Tainjin factory is Kenda’s second factory built in the last five years and once fully completed, will give Kenda the capability to produce over 50,000 automotive tires daily. (See also 5,000 tires a day from new Kenda Taiwan plant.)

“Kenda might be the new kids on the block with automotive tire production, but Kenda is not new to the tire business. Kenda factories produce over 700,000 tires and tubes for other industries every day and we believe our experience in tire manufacturing allows us to produce high quality tires for all industries we sell in,” explains Yang.

The company’s U.S. arm is American Kenda Rubber Ind. Co.vLtd. For more information, visit

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