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Hunter system inspects vehicle in 3 minutes

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Hunter system inspects vehicle in 3 minutes

Hunter Engineering Co. has expanded its Quick Check system to inspect a vehicle’s brake performance, battery health, tire health, and emissions, as well as alignment, in under three minutes.

The company says the system uses new WinAlign 14 software to provide safety and maintenance information.

* The Quick Check inspection system builds on Hunter’s patented alignment check system, the fastest way in the industry to measure alignment angles that affect tire life, according to the company. The alignment check takes 58 second, and produces total toe and camber measurements for both axles.

* Hunter’s patented brake performance tester measures the timing, force, and balance of the brake system. The brake performance tester is also available with Hunter’s patented Inflation Station, an integrated tire inflation system that automatically inflates or deflates tires based on manual specification entry.

* Hunter’s battery health tester uses technology from industry-leading Midtronics to measure a battery’s ability to carry electric current. The battery tester always connects underhood, and communicates wirelessly with the console to compare results to OEM specifications.

* Hunter’s patented tread depth gauge guides the technician’s route around the vehicle, and communicates wirelessly with the console to record results as they are collected. This feature eliminates manual interpretation of results, and the need to write down each reading. The technician may also choose between one or three readings per tire.

* Hunter’s CodeLink for Quick Check connects directly to a vehicle’s OBD-II port to retrieve important information concerning emission control components and the vehicle’s identification number (VIN). The device allows for manual entry of mileage and tire pressure specifications into the system, and communicates wirelessly with the console.

All results are presented on an easy-to-understand customer printout that supports easy communication between the shop and the vehicle owner. Results are also presented on a technician printout, providing the technician with a comprehensive report to assist with repairs.  

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