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Former Green Beret enlists with General tire

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Continental Tire the Americas LLC announced that Grady Powell, a former Green Beret, will be featured in General tire's newest “Anywhere Is Possible” print ad campaign, which will be seen in tactical weapons magazines in support of the Grabber line of tires.

The ads will appear in magazines such as Guns & Weapons, Combat Handguns, Tactical Weapons, and Recoil, and can be picked up on newsstands beginning in April 2013.

“This reader base is primarily made up of military, law enforcement and weapons specialists and a good percentage of them drive a light truck so it made sense to be in this space,” saysTravis Roffler, director of marketing for General tire.

During his five years of military service, Powell became one of America’s most elite soldiers and served in the United States Army Special Forces as a Green Beret. 

“We knew the best way to speak to these enthusiasts was to bring in an expert in their field so we brought on Grady. To have someone with his knowledge and expertise in weaponry, coupled with his past experience on our tires, just made sense,” says Roffler.

Roffler says Powell exemplifies what the Grabber line of tires stands for: exceptional performance, durability and strength. “To be chosen to represent their brand, when I don’t even drive race cars, was pretty cool," says Powell.  

"It’s an honor to be a part of this campaign and to represent a company that is truly a leader in their industry. Using a guy like me, outside the race track, is a testament to their ‘Anywhere Is Possible’ theme. I’m proud to be a part of Team GT.”

The photo shoot was set over two days in Charlotte, N.C. To see what happened behind-the-scenes, click here for a video recap. For more information about General tires, visit the company’s website.

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