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TIA tells consumers where ‘Tire Safety Starts’

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The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has released the first in a series of consumer education videos titled “Tire Safety Starts with Proper Tire Repair.”

The video explains why proper tire repair is necessary, as well as the basic guidelines, limitations and procedures for repairing tires. TIA plans to release three more Tire Safety Starts With... consumer education videos in 2013 to promote the association's new tagline, "Tire Safety Starts Here."

"While TIA has been primarily focused on technician training over the past decade, the board recognized that we couldn't continue relying on others to send the right messages to motorists," says Randall Groh, TIA president.

"Training is our top priority next to government affairs, so we decided to embark on our own consumer education campaign and take the lead in viral marketing."

"All of the new consumer education videos will also be available for free download and there will be no restrictions regarding duplication or distribution," says Roy Littlefield, TIA executive vice president.

"TIA is still anxiously awaiting a decision from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding the consumer information and education program mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. This video is an example of how TIA plans to educate motorists, and we are hopeful that NHTSA will include us in the effort to create informed tire consumers."

Tire Safety Starts with Proper Tire Repair places a camera inside the tire so drivers can see what happens to the tread each time the tire makes a revolution. After multiple revolutions, the tire runs over a nail and viewers get a slow-motion replay of what it looks like inside a tire when a nail pokes through the innerliner.

"TIA has always taken a lot of pride in the quality of our training videos," says Kevin Rohlwing, TIA senior vice president of training.

"Our programs are known for using creative images to make a point, and we are very pleased with the footage inside the tire. We hope it's the type of video that will resonate with YouTube viewers and send the message that proper tire repair plays a vital role for tire safety."

To view the video visit and click on the homepage link or go directly to

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