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Pirelli previews new P Zero tires for new Ferrari

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Pirelli previews new P Zero tires for new Ferrari

Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.has created unique P Zero tires for the latest Ferrari model. The Milan, Italy-based company developed a bespoke tire which incorporates technology derived from Formula One but with a wider working range suitable for a more extensive variety of conditions.

The new Ferrari will use P Zero Corsa Asymmetric tires in sizes 265/30-19 at the front and 345/30-20 at the rear.

Pirelli’s researchers, working closely with engineers from Ferrari, increased the contact patch of the tire. Thanks to the dedicated sizes and larger dimensions of the front tire, understeer is reduced, which improves turn-in and grip as the car is going through the corner. A significantly lowered shoulder benefits cornering stiffness, improving both the efficiency and reactivity of the car for the drive, according to the company.

The new tire is designed asymmetrically to cater to the considerable forces at work on a car capable of accelerating from 0 to 200 kph (124 mph)  in 7.3 seconds. Furthermore, Pirelli’s engineers differentiated the stiffness of the inner and outer tire shoulder by about 5% to ensure the best possible grip and maximum performance stability in all usage conditions.

The compounds for the newly dedicated Ferrari P Zero Corsa Asymmetric tire were also specifically formulated to respond to the individual needs of the car. Pirelli’s engineers used the latest-generation polymers to simultaneously ensure improved stability and better resistance to mechanical stress.

For more details, visit the company’s website.

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