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DSP launches 20 group website

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DSP launches 20 group website

Dealer Strategic Planning Inc. (DSP) has launched, a new website that includes free business support, financial analysis and guest options.

With one click visitors can access free business support, request a financial analysis and sign up to be a guest at a 20 group meeting. The site, designed by 3X Marketing, went live this week.

“We are excited about the tremendous amount of information available on our new web site,” says Norm Gaither, DSP owner.

“The site is designed to help visitors find information, quickly and in a format that’s easy to access. And, they can learn about how joining a 20 group can help improve bottom line profits.”

Several unique features allow dealers to read reprints that Norm Gaither and DSP staff has written for Modern Tire Dealer. Topics of interest to independent dealers include:

  • measuring payroll against gross profit;
  • how to detect and avoid employee theft;
  • understanding cash flow;
  • credit card fees;
  • plus many other timely topics that can help owners improve business operations.

In the area of financial analysis there are many options for dealers who can access an “Ideal Tire Store” sample income statement based on the data collected by Gaither in his history of assisting dealers.

Also available is a copy of the 20 Group Benchmarks showing sales mix, gross profit targets, payroll and expense guidelines and net profit goals. A dealer can compare his/her operating results to these targets to quickly identify the deficiencies, says DSP.

Dealers can sign up to receive periodic updates from DSP and request information on upcoming meetings where prospective members can check out a 20 group meeting as a guest. Also available on the site is a 20 group overview, how to become a member and FAQ.

Comments from 20 group members are throughout the site so visitors can see first-hand reports on how belonging to a DSP 20 group has changed their business.

For more information on DSP, see Dealers budget time and budget in Las Vegas.

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