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MTD Facts Issue: changes in oil changes

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The days of the traditional "oil, lube and filter" are gone. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, not many vehicles need to be "lubed" anymore. Second, the service has evolved to include tire rotation (often advertised as "free") and a multi-point vehicle safety check.

And third, the price of the service has risen steadily. Since 2007, the advertised price of an oil change has risen 27.5%, according to the 2013 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue.

Advertised oil change pricing in the U.S.

2012: $21.65. 2011: $20.55.

2010: $20.16. 2009: $19.83.

2008: $18.99. 2007: $16.98.

Those prices, of course, are the advertised prices. The average oil/lubrication job ticket is $37.51.

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