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SEMA SHOW, Day One: ASA integrates auto parts catalog into TireMaster

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ASA TireMaster business management software has a new feature: a comprehensive, Web-based auto parts catalog.

The Activant Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) is a "sourcing and estimating solution" designed to not only produce faster and more accurate repair estimates, but also source parts from a significantly larger network of suppliers. It was introduced by ASA Tire Systems Inc. at the 2009 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

"The integration of Activant’s ISE solution takes the value of the TireMaster platform to an entirely new level by helping users successfully expand into new service areas while maintaining a highly streamlined workflow,” says ASA President Wayne Croswell.

The Activant ISE solution provides fast, one‐click access to an extensive array of features and functionality, including the Activant PartExpert database of 7.9 million parts covering approximately 148.5 million applications. Other features of the ISE solution include the following:

* the Activant Cover‐to‐Cover eCatalog module, which contains millions of detailed product images, specifications, an original equipment cross‐reference list and other content;

* the LaborExpert aftermarket flat rate labor guide;

* the EZWrite database of popular repair and maintenance services pre‐mapped to parts and labor requirements;

* the InterChange crossreference tool , which consists of more than 16 million OE‐to‐aftermarket and aftermarket‐to‐aftermarket listings;

* Service Intervals Plus, a database of OEM‐recommended scheduled vehicle maintenance items; and

* an automatic VIN decoding tool to unlock a vast array of vehicle specifications and related information.

All parts, labor and pricing information generated in the Activant ISE solution is automatically transferred into TireMaster estimates, work orders and invoices. This integration enables the service writer to eliminate common errors and help optimize work flow.

ASA also is looking at integrating the Activant ISE into its TreadX software. The integration will take place "very soon," according to ASA's Dean Rascoe. "It is a high priority item for ASA."

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