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Sumitomo unveils fourth-generation run-flat

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Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. has unveiled its fourth generation of run-flat technology. which uses the company's "thermal control technology."

"When it runs flat, a tire repeats significant deformation and the sidewall reinforcement layer generates heat at every rotation of the wheel," say Sumitomo officials.

Sumitomo's new run-flat technology incorporates elements to minimize heat build-up, including:

1. Combined Technology Tire (CTT) Profile, which contains a reinforcement layer in the sidewall.

2. Aramid casing, which is stiffer than traditional rayon. "Aramid casings reduce deformation and heat generation... when the tire runs flat."

3. High thermal conductivity materials, which disperse heat that builds up in the "damageable area of the sidewall reinforcement layer. The heat conductiity ratio is improved by 2.5 times for the sidewall reinforcement layer and 1.5 times for the sidewall."

The technology also contains dimples carved on the surface of the sidewall that provide "better heat radiation through turbulent airflow," according to Sumitomo officials.

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