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Guess what China thinks about tire tariffs?

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Two weeks from now, by Sept. 17, we will know what President Barack Obama thinks of Chinese consumer tire imports.

Will he accept or reject the proposal of additional tariffs set forth by the United States International Trade Commission? Will he amend it? Will he support the recommendations from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, whatever they are?

We will know shortly. In the meantime, Modern Tire Dealer Managing Editor Lori Mavrigian and Editor Bob Ulrich have taken fresh looks at the issue in their latest blogs.

Both blogs offer up thoughts from China's perspective. In "Lori's Listening," Mavrigian writes about potential job losses in China (see “Decision on Chinese tire imports will have far-reaching impact”).

In "B.O.B.," Ulrich updates the growing list of import supporters and opponents. He also shares insight from the China Rubber Industry Association (see "Chinese tire tariff opponent has advice for President Obama").

Let us know what you think by commenting on Mavrigian's blog, or Ulrich's blog, or both!

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