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Hennessy says BADA green, bada boom!

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Hennessy Industries Inc. has launched a new Web site emphasizing the environmental benefits of steel wheel weights.

The site,, offers numerous resources designed to educate the public on wheel weights, particularly the environmental benefits of steel (as opposed to lead) weights. The site, which is operated by the BADA wheel weight division of Hennessy Industries, provides the following:

* up-to-date coverage of state-by-state wheel weight legislation (including a map of the United States with the current status of wheel weight legislation in each state);

* the environmental benefits of steel vs. lead;

* a BADA steel certified shop list (where site users can access a list of auto shops in their areas offering BADA steel wheel weights simply by entering their ZIP codes);

* a short educational video on environmentally friendly steel weight weights;

* full news clips from publications across the country covering the steel wheel weight issue and related legislation;

*  a "Why Steel?" fact sheet, with answers to frequently asked questions about the history of the wheel weight issue, the hazards of lead wheel weights and the environmental benefits of steel; and

* suggestions on how to share information about environmentally friendly steel wheel weights with legislators, shop owners, friends and family.

Members of the Twitter community also can receive "green vehicle" tips and updates on the steel wheel weight issue by following BADA on Twitter at

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