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CTNA rolls out HSR2 medium truck tire

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Continental Tire North America Inc. (CTNA) will introduce the the Continental HSR2 (Heavy Steer Regional), the next generation of its regional steer truck tire, the HSR, on July 1.

The new tire's "proven four-rib design takes stability to a new level and offers a 15% increase in removal miles over the original HSR," says Clif Armstrong, director of commercial vehicle tire marketing, the Americas, CTNA.

The tire contains high tread endurance compounding, more complex groove designs that "are less likely to tear or crack at the groove bottom," and other features, say CTNA officials.

The roll-out of the HSR2 also will mark the North American debut of CTNA's VAI+, the next step in the evolution of the company's proprietary visual alignment indicator system. "The addition of a plus mark represets the useful remaining tread depth as the tire wears, allowing the consumer constant visual representation on the tread surface.

"At 8/32 inches of tread depth, these indicators change from plus to minus, alerting the consumer that it is time to consider tire removal or movement to the trailer axle. The minus indicator remains visible until 4/32 inches, and when it completely disappears, this signifies the approach to the lowest depth limit allowed by law."

The HSR2 is available in the following sizes:

* 11R22.5 for Load Ranges G and H;

* 275/8022.5 for Load Ranges G and H;

* 11R24.5 for Load Ranges G and H.

It can be ordered now, according to CTNA officials.


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