Peugeot-Michelin a winning pair at Le Mans

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Peugeot won the 77th edition of the race by achieving a double victory: its 908 HDI FAP No. 9 and No. 8 won the first place in the LMP1 category. The race’s front-runner Audi ended on the podium’s third step with its No. 1.

Michelin also won the other three categories.

In LMP2, Team Essex celebrated a double victory with a Porsche RS Spyder by winning both this category and the Michelin Green X Challenge.

In LMGT1, the Corvette Racing team’s Corvette 63 was the winner. In the LMGT2 category, the Risi Competizione team’s F430 GT Ferrari climbed the podium’s first step. Michelin tires’ performance proved efficient and consistent. In addition, Michelin tires’ endurance allowed the winners to break the record in terms of distance traveled. In fact, many teams overwhelmingly chose the “medium” Michelin tire, which contributed to this feat.

Matthieu Bonardel, director of Michelin’s four-wheel racing, commented: “Our objective was to help our partners go four consecutive runs with the same set of tires if they chose to do so. We quickly accomplished this objective during the race, covering five runs in a row with the Signature team, which achieved its best timing on the last lap! Let me tell you that this global performance went far beyond our expectations and even allowed us to further differentiate ourselves from the competition in GT2. It was the same thing with the rain tire, which covered three consecutive runs with a level of performance far better than that of 2008.”

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