N2Revolution teams with NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon

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N2Revolution Inc. has hired NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon to endorse PurigeN98, the company's high purity nitrogen tire inflation system.

"I have used high-purity nitrogen in my race car tires for years," says Gordon, a top driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. "While winning is great, nothing is more important to me than the safety of my family, which is why I use PurigeN98 in my personal vehicles. It gives me that extra peace of mind."

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air in tires. Oxygen makes up 21%. Nitrogen molecules are more stable than those of oxygen, so nitrogen doesn't leak through the walls of tires as quickly as oxygen would. So nitrogen-filled tires stay properly inflated longer.

With properly inflated tires, drivers find they may save 3% or more on fuel costs and enjoy better handling, braking and vehicle stability. Irregular tire wear also is reduced, which can result in significant savings on replacement costs.

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