Guardia Civil Rally Raid wins 2009 Dakar Rally with Federal Couragia M/T

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Guardia Civil Rally Raid wins 2009 Dakar Rally with Federal Couragia M/T

The 2009 Dakar Rally has embraced a continental shift to South America after threats of terrorism forced its departure from its traditional home in Africa. By crossing the ocean, the grueling two-week event is ready for an experience that is true to its values and temperament. Against huge odds, this year's race promised to be the most spectacular yet. Competitors would loop the cars on the Argentinean and Chilean roads with the opportunity to battle through 14 stages.

Such conditions are a true test of man and machine where the action runs through all types of wilding road between two oceans. However, Jose Manuel Salinero, captain of Guardia Civil Rally Raid suffered no problems from the altitude and won the solitaire category in Argentina – Chile Dakar 2009. Meantime, his countryman Eduardo Campoy and Isidro Viñoli achieved 3rd place in the class of 6x6 and 27th in the classification of trucks, being the best achievement on the 10th anniversary for the team in the history.

Salinero and his team shod with Federal Couragia M/T ultimate off-road tire in size 235/85R16 were celebrated like heroes. They dedicated their victory to its tire supplier, saying:” It was a satisfying day and I’m so overwhelmed and thrilled for the whole team who did a wonderful job. I had a lot of admiration for what they accomplished. Rallying at Dakar is truly a great spectacle; we’ve adopted a good race strategy and found a good rhythm for the wildest fight of the planet.

Originally headquartered in Spain, Guardia Civil Rally Raid was founded by team manager Jose Manuel Salinero who served as a helicopter pilot in National Security force. They are also the first team in Dakar Rally incorporating humanitarian help for orphanages in Mauritania and Senegal of Africa. This team will once again show art and talent to the next Dakar held in 2010 calendar. Other planned activities coming around this year are National Spanish All-terrain Rally Championships; Baja Espana World Championship and Portugal-across-Iberia Rally.

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