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Oliver intorduces envelope spreader

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Oliver Rubber Co. recently introduced a new envelope spreader with a diameter range from 16 inches minimum (fully retracted), to 58 inches maximum (fully expanded).

With a push of the foot pedal, Oliver’s 1137 Envelope Expander uses preset adjustments to mechanically stretch the envelope to the optimum diameter, thus reliably minimizing envelope stretch and, in turn, increasing envelope life.

The new Oliver spreader was developed and manufactured by the company’s Salisbury Machinery Division in Salisbury, N.C.

“This robust, reliable machine should extend envelope life, improve throughput, and help lighten the load on the operator,” says Bill Guzick, president of Oliver Rubber. “We fully expect this new spreader to help make our customers to be more productive, allowing them to finish more retreads in less time. The response we’ve gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The new Oliver spreader can be installed under a monorail and features:

* A robust frame and mechanism.

* Synchronized arm movement.

* Manually adjustable height and tilt.

* Single cylinder actuation.

* Double-sided envelope fingers and dual footvalves for easy access and operation from either side.

*Easily removed doors for cylinder and mechanism maintenance.

* Manually selected, quick adjust, five-position stretcher arm design.

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