Tire Industry Association strongly supports federal Right to Repair bill

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The Tire Industry Association has declared its support of the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act (HR 2694).

"We have always supported Right to Repair, but because most new vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems that are controlled by computers, we felt compelled to formally state our position," says Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield.

Tire pressure monitoring systems "cannot take the place of regular maintenance on tires, but are intended to protect motorists from the dangers of operating a vehicle with underinflated tires," he says. "Keeping these systems updated and in safe working condition requires ready access to complete and accurate information from the car companies."

The legislative intent of the Right to Repair Act is to offer protections for motor vehicle owners by making it illegal for vehicle manufacturers to withhold information necessary to diagnose, service or repair motor vehicles. Right to Repair ensures that car owners can have their vehicle serviced at the repair shop of their choice, whether it's their neighborhood repair shop or a franchised new car dealer.

"We encourage our members and all motorists to visit to send a letter to each of their congressional representatives, urging them to support the Right to Repair Act (HR 2694)," adds Littlefield.

The Right to Repair Act was introduced into the United States House of Representatives by Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.). The legislation, as written, provides car companies with strong protections for their trade secrets unless that information is provided to the franchised new car dealers. The bill also clarifies the responsibilities of the Federal Trade Commission in enforcing the bill's requirements.

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