Pep Boys announces recall of 8,000-plus tires made by Cooper Tire

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The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has announced a recall of 8,583 tires produced for Pep Boys-Manny, Moe & Jack between Aug. 8 and Aug. 19, 2006. Pep Boys says more than 3,400 of these tires have been accounted for and removed from its inventory.

The affected tire brands and sizes are listed below (with their DOT numbers in parentheses).

Cornell 1000

* P205/55R16 (3DT2XH43206 and 3DT2XH43306).

* P215/60R16 (3DX8XH43206 and 3DX8XH43306).

* P225/60R16 (3DX0XH43206 and 3DX0XH43306).

* P225/70R15 (3DUUXH53206 and 3DUUXH53306).

* P205/75R15 (3DULXH33206 and 3DULXH33306).

* P225/75R15 (3DHHXH33206 and 3DHHXH33306).

Definity Dakota A/T

* LT285/75R16 (3DYUPBB3206 and 3DYUPBB3306).

Definity Dakota H/T

* P255/65R16 (3DC3PA73206 and 3DC3PA73306).

* P235/70R15 (3DM1PA73206 and 3DM1PA73306).

* P215/75R15 (3DHFPA73206 and 3DHFPA73306).

Definity EX600

* P215/65R15 (3DVFPAX3206 and 3DVFPAX3306).

* P215/60R15 (3DMWPA23206 and 3DMWPA23306).

* P215/60R16 (3DX8PA23206 and 3DX8PA23306).

Futura 2000 Radial LTE

* P205/55R16 (3DT2XAC3206 and 3DT2XAC3306).

* 215/65R16 (3D6VXAC3206 and 3D6VXAC3306).

* P215/60R15 (3DMWXJN3206 and 3DMWXJN3306).

* P215/60R16 (3DX8XAC3206 and 3DX8XAC3306).

* P225/60R16 (3DX0XAC3206 and 3DX0XAC3306).

Futura GLS Super Sport

* P235/55R16 (3D18XBF3206 and 3D18XBF3306).

* P235/60R15 (3DVEXBH3206 and 3DVEXBH3306).

* P255/60R15 (3DUTXBH3206 and 3DUTXBH3306).

* P225/70R15 (3DUUXBH3206 and 3DUUXBH3306).

* P255/70R15 (3DM2XBH3206 and 3DM2XBH3306).

* P295/50R15 (3DTJXBJ3206 and 3DTJXBJ3306).

Futura Scrambler A/P

* P205/75R15 (3DULPAM3206 and 3DULPAM3306).

* P215/75R15 (3DHFPAM3206 and 3DHFPAM3306).

Pep Boys is asking customers who purchased one of the named tires in the size and DOT number indicated above between Aug. 13 and Oct. 27, 2006, to return the tire to Pep Boys for replacement at no charge. The company is in the process of notifying all customers who may have already purchased the affected tires.

"Pep Boys has an adequate supply of replacement tires in its inventory to handle this recall," says the company.

According to Pep Boys, Cooper determined that some of the subject tires may have been produced with non-conforming belt wire coat stock. If placed in service, the subject tires may develop a belt separation due to a reduced ability to prevent corrosion of the steel wires in an instance where moisture reaches the steel belt, which may result in a vehicle crash.

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