Coker releases 65 Series BFG Redline Radials

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Coker Tire Co. Inc.’s new 65 Series BFGoodrich Redline Radials are true production redline tires. They sport a 3/8-inch raised redline design with a wide, low profile "for a meaner, performance-oriented stance," reports the company.

“If you’ve got a 30- to 40-year old muscle car and want to upgrade it with authentic redline tires, newly constructed with the reliability of modern materials and manufacturing technologies, there is nothing to compare to these beauties,” says Corky Coker, president of Coker Tire Co.

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our tires deliver the look and feel of the original, but we’ve integrated the safety aspects of a modern tire, so drivers can be confident at today’s highway speeds.”

The BFG 65 Series Redline Radials are S-speed rated and carry a 540 BB UTQG rating

In addition to its 65 Series BFG Redline Radials, Coker Tire also stocks 70 Series BFG Redline Radials.

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