Corghi Artiglio 50 tire changer available from Myers Tire Supply

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Myers Tire Supply Distribution Inc. has introduced to the North American market the Corghi Artiglio 50 tire changer that handles a broad range of tires and wheels and eliminates any damage to the tire or the rim on high-performance, low profile, run-flat, or PAX system tires.

Jeff Jobe, Myers Tire's director of marketing, says, "The semi-automatic Artiglio 50 has several unique features that allow it to change all passenger or truck tires from 12 inches to 30 inches in diameter and up to 15 inches wide. The breaking cone and new lifting head really simplify changing problem tires."

The new Corghi model has replaced the tire bar that frequently causes damage to the tire or rim with a unique bead lifter head, the company says. During the changing cycle, the head never touches the wheel rim and its unique shape reduces stress to the bead by 25%.

Additional operator safety was also a major influence in the new design, says the company. A pneumatic lift raises heavy tire assemblies into position on the turntable, eliminating a common source of back injuries to operators. The lift is included as standard equipment on the Artiglio 50.

With the tire in place on the turntable, the operator installs a centering cone with a speed nut and secures the unit into place with built-in grips. A rotating, molded plastic breaker disc is moved into position and quickly breaks both tire beads away from the rim. The lifting head is then placed inside the bead and the tire is removed from the rim.

Servicing PAX tires requires installation of an optional accessory kit. The transition from standard rim to PAX is less than two minutes, the company notes.

A demonstration video of the new Corghi unit can be seen on Myers Tire Supply’s Web site, Or for more information, call (866) 219-5270.

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