Del-Nat extends roadside tire assistance program

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Del-Nat Tire Corp. has extended its free two-year roadside tire assistance to all of its Delta and National brand passenger, light truck and SUV tires.

Del-Nat recently announced the extension during its annual meeting in Palm Springs, Calif.

"Coverage for the consumer begins on the date of purchase and is in effect for two years," say Del-Nat officials.

"The service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and dispatches road side assistance to replace a flat tire with the customer’s spare.

"The customer must present a warranty card supplied by the (tire0 dealer at the time of purchase, and then simply 'signs and drives' with no out of pocket expense.

"Other than the warranty cards, which come from Del-Nat for its customers, there is no paperwork required by the wholesale or retail customer, making administration of the program very simple," add Del-Nat officials.

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