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Just how 'green' are low rolling resistant tires?

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Is $1.90 per tankful enough of a savings to get people to buy lower rolling resistant tires from you? How about $72 in savings a year? Or $360 over the life of their tires?

That is the question raised by Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich in his latest blog. "Green tires seem to be a major trend in the industry," he says.

"It comes up in a lot of conversations, and tire manufacturers are producing tires with lower rolling resistance because they see a need. But is it just wishful thinking?"

To read up on the issue, check out "How new tires can help your customers save money." Then let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Do you sell a lot of the new generation fuel-efficient tires?

And look for an in-depth look at green tires from the perspective of an engineer in our November issue. The title of the article is "Are green tires truly green?"

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