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Bosch launches oxygen sensor system

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Bosch launches oxygen sensor system

Many different vehicles use oxygen sensors that are functionally identical. However, heir electrical connectors differ slightly.

The new Bosch system of oxygen sensors with pigtails (pictured) allows a small number of these sensors to be fitted to a large number of vehicles, with "identical to original equipment" performance.

Dubbed OE SmartLink, this patented oxygen sensor connector system allows 14 OEM-specific, heated oxygen sensors to cover up to 96.2% of all vehicle applications by simply installing the patented connector system on the existing wire harness.

“Bosch’s OE SmartLink system allows auto parts wholesalers, retailers and repair shops to optimize their oxygen sensor inventory while offering traditional Bosch quality and durability," says Sean Lappin, product manager, engine management products. “OE SmartLink applications are designed to ensure that the sensor used provides exact OE function without compromise.”

The OE SmartLink system includes a premium, OEM-specific, heated oxygen sensor that comes standard with a 24-inch wire harness. The 24-inch, extra-length harness allows for added replacement of any worn wire from the existing OE sensor harness.

It also has an exclusive waterproof connector body that is fully submersible and is also resistant to car wash and roadside spray. The patented connector comes in an easy to use kit that contains all the necessary components to do the job right.

The OE SmartLink connectors have been designed and tested to rigorous USCAR standards, and are resistant to vibration, temperature extremes, and thermal shock, adds Robert Bosch LLC.

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