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Conti debuts its PureContact luxury tire

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Conti debuts its PureContact luxury tire

Continental Tire the Americas Inc. is gearing up for September, 2012, when the PureContact luxury performance all-season replacement tire goes on sale.

Continental says the premium tire brings together best-in-class wet braking, fuel efficiency and ride comfort in a sleek design. The new tire joins a growing lineup of Continental replacement tires.

The PureContact features Continental Tire’s-winning EcoPlus Technology. EcoPlus improves treadwear while enhancing grip on wet roads, promoting a shorter stopping distance. EcoPlus Technology’s TgF polymers also improve wear and fuel efficiency and in the PureContact, can save the consumer money over the life of the tire.

The PureContact is backed by a 60-day customer satisfaction trial and a 70,000-mile or 72-month limited warranty program. Continental also offers 12-month or first 2/32-inch road hazard coverage on the PureContact. The PureContact comes in a wide range of sizes from 15- to 18-inch wheel diameters with a UTQG rating of 700 AA for H and V speed.

“Our team is constantly working to develop new and innovative technologies to give consumers the best tire we can,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental Tire.  “The PureContact brings together our EcoPlus Technology, Comfort Ride Technology and Tuned Performance Indicators for a replacement tire that will help our customers save money, be kind to the environment, and arrive to their destinations safely.”

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