New logos for CMA and Double Coin help with brand positioning

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CMA LLC has created a new marketing campaign for its Double Coin truck and OTR tire brand. The strategy includes a new look for both the CMA and Double Coin logos.

"The new CMA logo will match our business target of a progressive, modern corporation," says CMA President Mike Yang. "CMA's business has changed since its formation as an organization in 1997. This new logo represents our growth and future direction."

CMA is a cutting-edge manufacturer (through its parent company, Double Coin Holdings Ltd.) and supplier, according to Aaron Murphy, vice president of CMA. "As we energize our marketing and manufacturing to position ourselves as a tier two supplier, the perception of our image must match."

In addition, the Double Coin logo has been revised "to equate the rich heritage the brand has enjoyed in North America and abroad," according to CMA. The new logo and tag line -- "The Smart Money is on Double Coin" -- echo Double Coin's new brand mission, courtesy of CMA:

"Double Coin believes that in a world of shrinking margins and rising costs, value has never been more precious. That's why we're committed to bringing exceptional value to pros who understand that making good business choices isn't a compromise. It's just good business."

"We felt it was time to communicate to consumers that Double Coin products are not simply a cost alternative, they are a value alternative," says Murphy.

"'The Smart Money is on Double Coin' indicates that no matter what the size or type of end user, dealer, or purchaser of our tires, it's a prudent, value-based decision that equates into intelligent management when you partner with us. It signifies performance that delivers smart money results while supporting our company's image as a solutions provider."

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