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7 megatrends from Goodyear's Rich Kramer

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7 megatrends from Goodyear's Rich Kramer

Rich Kramer left attendees at the 2012 Goodyear Dealer Conference something to think about. Seven things, to be exact.

Kramer, the chairman, CEO and president of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., listed seven "megatrends" on which the company is keeping close tabs. They are "really what's going to shape the industry and impact both our businesses," he said.

1. Growth in emerging markets. "Emerging markets are going to continue to drive our industry."

2. Profitable segments in mature markets. "The mature markets will continue to grow." Kramer said it is important to key on the segments growing within those markets "where technology is differentiated, where brand is differentiated, where you are differentiated."

3. HVA (high value added) in mid-tier. "By 2016, virtually all cars will have HVA tires on them."

4. Green trend. With government regulations and OEM demands, for example, "the green trend is here to stay."

5. Tire labeling. Kramer said tire labeling will be coming to Europe in 2013, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to review it. "I'm not sure when it will come, but it will."

6. Internet changing buying behavior. "Most of you probably buy a substantial amount of things on the Internet," he said. And virtually any product is sold over the web. "Our goal is to help you build (your) businesses using that tool."

7. Changes are evolutionary not revolutionary. This allows the company to be more efficient , take advantage of opportunites and move forward.

The dealer conference was held in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 19-21. For more information, check out these links:

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