More on NHTSA's electronic tire registration proposal

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Under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) electronic tire registration proposal, tire dealers would be able to voluntarily register a tire via the Internet or other electronic means as long as those methods were authorized by the tire's manufacturer.

"Dealers also would have the option of providing to the consumer the mailable standardized paper registration form that includes the tire identification number and the dealer's name and address," per current federal requirements, say NHTSA officials.

They also state that "the standardized paper registration form would be permitted to identify a Web site authorized by the tire manufacturer which the consumer could register the tires instead of mailing in the form."

NHTSA adds that its proposal "would not impose new obligations on tire dealers or manufacturers."

However, it notes that a provision is being proposed "that would clarify that tire manufacturers must meet requirements concerning retention of information for registration information submitted to them by electronic or other means they authorize, in addition to that submitted to them on the standardized paper forms."

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