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Nexen Designed the N’Fera RU5 Touring Tire for CUVs and SUVs

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Nexen Designed the N’Fera RU5 Touring Tire for CUVs and SUVs

The N’Fera RU5 is a touring all-season tire specifically for CUV and SUV vehicles.

Nexen Tire America Inc. says the N’Fera RU5 has great traction, handling, and strength for all seasons. The tread design features waves, grooves, and micro-grooves to expel water and prevent hydroplaning and improve grip.

The N’Fera RU5 also features dual asymmetrical outside ribs that increase stiffness for greater stability and cornering ability. The tire also features:

  • UTQG 500 AA and 440 AA+ tread life rating;
  • dry grip technology that boosts handling and braking performance;
  • optimum split tread design that improves wet and dry traction; and
  • enhanced block rigidity that gives excellent cornering and steering capabilities.




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