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Apex Tool Has New GearWrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets

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Apex Tool Has New GearWrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets

The new GearWrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets are designed to speed removal of stubborn fasteners, saving time and money.

Apex Tool Group LLC says the sockets’ design yields five major benefits:

  1. The socket slides easily onto the rounded fastener with no hammering needed.
  2. “Minus-size” sockets designed to fit onto fasteners worn down past their original size.
  3. Once the fastener is removed, it disengages easily from the socket.
  4. The fastener is not destroyed during the process and can be re-installed, especially important if the fastener is a non-standard part.
  5. Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets have up to ten times the useable life of cutting-type extraction sockets, which quickly become dull and unusable.

Available individually and in 8-, 15- or 28-piece sets, Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets can be used with an impact gun, ratchet, wrench or pliers.

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