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New Coats Changer Offers Wide Range of Features

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New Coats Changer Offers Wide Range of Features

The new Coats APS 3000 tilt-back tire changer from Hennessy Industries Inc. can service both OE and replacement tire and wheel combinations.

"This machine offers a center-clamp design capable of servicing wheels from 12 inches to 34 inches in diameter and up to 16 inches wide," say Hennessy officials.

The APS 3000 features power-assisted devices, including a lever-less toolhead with auto-setback from the rim, two vertically actuating bead roller and presser discs, an integrated wheel lift and an automatically retracting Coats Robo-Arm, "all of which combine to take strain off of technicians, as well as reduce the risk of damaging valuable customer property."

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