GT Radial Champiro 228

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GT Radial Champiro 228

The GT Radial Champiro 228, available in 30 sizes, is marketed by GITI (USA) Ltd. as a "performance tire for drivers desiring more than a smooth ride, comfort and excellent grip" but "who also expect eco-friendly and fuel efficient tires."

This performance touring tire features a Nanotek silica compound for reduced rolling resistance and strong grip in wet and dry conditions. Nanotek silica is a manufacturing technology process which utilizes Nano-grade silica nodules.

These nodules, which are smaller than traditional silica nodules, are mixed into GITI's specially formulated polymer-caron black matrix by employing a silane-based coupling agent and a proprietary mixing technique. The result is a product that provides the lower rolling resistance along with the improved wet handling performance.

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