Petlas Offers the MultiAction PT565

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Petlas Offers the MultiAction PT565

Petlas Tire Corp. has released a tire that's made to perform in any weather — the MultiAction PT565 .

The all-season tire focuses on safe driving while being a sustainable product. Petlas says its research and development team developed the PT565 with environmentally friendly characteristics. The company says the tire's V-shaped block pattern helps lower fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions due to lower rolling resistance. That same V-shaped pattern also removes water and snow and offers stability for fast driving, even on snowy roads.

Petlas says the MultiAction PT565 design offers better grip and traction on dry, wet and snowy surfaces with its optimized sipe density.

The tire's compound provides grip and a precise response while driving, while saving consumers from swapping and storing off-season tires. The tire also offers a comfortable ride, Petlas says.

"Customer satisfaction as well as safety, reliability, and comfort, are among our core priorities. Petlas R&D engineers have created this all-season tire with V-shaped grooved tread pattern to combine all these features," the company says.

The MultiAction PT565 was designed and developed in Petlas’ production facilities in Kırşehir, Turkey, a place in the heart of the Anatolian steppes, which are known for their freezing temperatures. Testworld also drove the tire and tested it in harsh winter conditions at its facilities in Finland.

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