VW Taps Bridgestone For Its First All-Electric Car

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VW Taps Bridgestone For Its First All-Electric Car

Volkswagen’s first all-electric vehicle, the ID.3 passenger car, will use a custom Bridgestone Turanza that contains the tire manufacturer’s low rolling resistance ENLITEN Technology.

“ENLITEN Technology tires demonstrate a rolling resistance that is up to 30% lower than a standard premium summer tire,” say Bridgestone officials.

This “significantly extends battery life in an electric vehicle – ensuring that ID.3 drivers can enjoy the vehicle’s maximum range. In addition, tires with ENLITEN Technology enable further fuel/battery conservation by being reduced in weight by up to 20% from equivalent standard premium summer tires.”

According to Bridgestone officials, this equates to “fewer raw material resources required to produce every tire, another environmental benefit from both a resources and final, end-of-life stage management standpoint.”

The Turanza Echo tires are available on the Volkswagen ID.3 in 18-, 19- and 20-inch sizes. The 19- and 20-inch variations are equipped with Bridgestone’s B-Seal Technology, which “ensures temporary air retention in case of puncture in the tread area.”

Karsten Schebsdat, Volkswagen’s head of chassis development, says the ID.3 is the car manufacturer’s “biggest launch since the Golf. The significant reduction of rolling resistance” provided by the Turanza Echo “has a huge impact on the ID.3’s battery conservation, which is very important, especially with there being many questions around electric vehicle range.”

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