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TBC Expands Harvest King Ag Tire Line

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TBC Brands LLC has expanded its Harvest King ag tire line with the recent introduction of the Harvest King Field Pro R-Gator and the Harvest King Field Pro R-Gator ND.

The tires “are engineered with a stronger lighter weight construction than their predecessors,” according to TBC officials. “With the addition of design enhancements focused on improving overall performance, including less slippage and improved cleaning capabilities, these new tires will provide an exceptional product for irrigation equipment."

The Field Pro R-Gator and Field Pro R-Gator ND are tubeless irrigation tires with special anti-ozone compounds designed to protect the tire from the elements. Their tread design reduces crop and soil disturbance, while limiting mud and debris buildup on the tire.

“We’re excited to upgrade our irrigation farm tire program with the addition of these new products and we’re confident that the evolution of the Harvest King Field Pro line, as well as the price point, will be very appealing to dealers and their customers,” says Bill Dashiell, senior vice president of TBC Brands’ commercial tire division.

The tires are available in sizes 11.2-24, 14.9-24 and 11.2-38 and can handle loads between 2,000 pounds to 3,000 pounds.

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