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Apollo Kicks Off Vredestein Brand Campaign in North America

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Several new Vredestein products were showcased at Willow Springs International Raceway.

Apollo Tyres Ltd. has launched a “comprehensive brand offensive” in support of its Vredestein brand, backed by a full range of new tires designed for - and developed in - North America.

“This marks the culmination of a $30 million research and development effort,” say Apollo Vredestein officials. “The result is the most complete line of ultra-high performance tires for North America’s diverse geography and regional climates, an all-new high performance tire line aimed at some of the most popular mainstream vehicle segments in the region and Vredestein’s first-ever, dedicated truck and SUV tire.”

“We learned that today’s drivers place a greater premium on tire performance versatility than ever before,” says Abishek Bisht, assistant vice president, Americas, Apollo. “In North America, we found that customers want - and expect to feel - supreme confidence across the wide range of road surfaces, conditions and climates they are likely to encounter during their travels.

“Our global expertise, combined with a local focus on the North American market, has delivered a complete, market-tailored lineup that we believe sets new standards across a full range of usage scenarios,” he continues.

“We are the 111-year-old, new kid on the block,” says Bisht. “We knew that we had to introduce ourselves in a way that would make an immediate impact and resonate with drivers in this market.

“We have a diverse and critically acclaimed tire lineup that’s poised to make an immediate impact and resonate with North American drivers. We’re excited to share our rich and continually evolving brand story with them.”

Apollo’s marketing efforts will support the company’s aggressive product roll-out plan for the Vredestein brand during the rest of 2020 and into next year.

The company kicked off its product screen revamp during the first quarter with the launch of the Vredestein Hypertrac, the first in a series of seven tires specifically designed and manufactured for the rigorous, varied demands of the North American market. 

The all-season, ultra-high performance Hypertrac is available in 38 sizes. Its introduction expanded Vredestein’s ultra-high performance line-up to more than 300 sizes.

The Hypertrac’s introduction was soon followed by the roll-out of the Vredestein Wintrac, which joined the Vredestein Wintrac Pro to round out the brand’s winter tire portfolio.

The Wintrac, according to Apollo officials, “will have improved performance in all types of wet conditions, while continuing to drive superbly on snow” and “represents a significant change of perspective from a tire intended mainly for driving on snow to an all-around winter tire.”

Apollo officials say more Vredestein products that have been developed for the North American market will be introduced.

A video filmed at Willow Springs  International Raceway, which walks viewers through the Vredestein brand’s history, new products and more, can be viewed here.


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