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PGM Recovery Systems Now Buys Spark Plugs for Recycling

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PGM Recovery Systems is now buying iridium and platinum tip spark plugs for recycling. 

For a very long time, spark plugs were not profitable to recycle, the company notes, and many businesses would toss them out or scrap them. PGM has developed a new technology that extracts the precious metals located on the tips of these iridium and platinum spark plugs. 

For the last decade, PGM Recovery Systems has been involved in the automotive precious metals recycling industry. While specializing in catalytic converter recycling, it also holds a U.S. patent for its O2/AF sensor recycling process. The company offers a free converter price guide, providing customers thousands of part numbers and current pricing based on present day market value.

Partnerships are available for service facilities that fit PGM’s program requirements.

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